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One-family Residential Building

Assignment: Construction of a one-family residential building - concrete structure with a wooden roof. Static and dynamic analysis. Working drawings. 3D model.

Used software: Autodesk Revit, SAP2000, Autodesk Robot

Quadrature: 300 sq. m.

Location: Sofia

Architect: Arch. Julii Farkov

Private practice, Bulgaria. In collaboration with eng. Sv. Andonov



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Georgi Minkov, has an experience as a lecturer, teaching and presenting the following software products:

* Autodesk Revit Structure
* Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional
* Auto CAD Structural Detailing
* Autodesk Navisworks


Georgi Minkov, P. Eng.
tel.: +1 416 788 6459

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Toronto, ON, Canada, tel.: +1 416 788 6459, e-mail: g.n.minkov@gmail.com
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