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Air Traffic Services Center - Sofia Airport

Assignment: The project started in 1996. The steel buildings models were designed in SAP 90 and SAP 2000 software. Full static and dynamic analysis was made for blocks 2, 3, the main block 4 and the atrium. The air traffic control main hall measures 36 by 43 m. It is spanned by 5 trusses each one weighing 55 tons. Steel Fabrication Drawings and Assembly Drawings (team work) were made for block 4 and the atrium steel structures. The implementation was carried out under the designer's supervision.

Location: Sofia

Architect: arch. Georgi Stoilov

Senior Structural Engineer: eng. Emil Krumov




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Georgi Minkov, has an experience as a lecturer, teaching and presenting the following software products:

* Autodesk Revit Structure
* Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional
* Auto CAD Structural Detailing
* Autodesk Navisworks


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